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8 Wedding Venues in Capri, Sorrento and Amalfi Coast

There are many destinations in Italy that offer the possibility to frame your wedding in a dream location, in the last article I showed some of the location of incredible beauty located on lake Como in northern Italy, today we move to the south of our magical peninsula.

Campania offers incredible landscapes, surrounded by the intense blue of the sea and the region's mild climate. 

Driving along the streets of Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi Coast itself, it is impossible not to be struck by the view, beautiful and intense enough to leave you speechless. The perfect place for a wedding, the perfect background for the crowning of a dream. 

For those of you fascinated by the beauty of this incredible area, here are eight dream locations. You can look at them and get an idea of the alternatives, even though they represent only a small group of all possible locations.

Asking for more information and contacting an experienced Wedding Planner, you can easly find the right place for your wedding. 


1) Villa Astor - Sorrento

Villa Astor is located in Sorrento, right on the Gulf of Naples. The neoclassical style accompanies both the interior and exterior of the Villa, making it unique. 

Inside is one of the twenty most beautiful gardens in Italy, a distinctive symbol of Villa Astor and its owners. 

The villa is a world famous luxury location whose beautiful terrace overlooking the sea has been the backdrop to many incredible ceremonies.  

Villa Astor-wedding venue Sorrento

Copyright: Villa Astor


2) Bellevue Syrene - Sorrento

The second location, Bellevue Syrene, is a 5-star hotel with an incredible view. Located right on the sea, its terrace opens onto a breathtaking landscape, which takes in the entire Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius. 

Romantic columns dot the terrace itself, making the whole structure elegant and 'classic'.  Bellevue Syrene is the perfect venue for a summer wedding celebrated completely outdoors. 

Bellevue Syrene-wedding venue Sorrento

Copyright: Bellevue Syrene


3) Capri Palace - Anacapri

Capi Palace is located in Anacapri, the highest point on the island of Capri. From its windows you can see the whole Gulf of Naples surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Blue is the "main colour", not only for the sea surrounding the hotel, but also for the interiors and furnitures. 

Capri Palace's restaurants are listed in the Micheline guide, one of them earning two stars, the second branded Dior, both a guarantee of excellent service and a reception awarded for the quality of products and flavors.

Capri Palace-wedding venue Anacapri

Copyright: Capri Palace


4) JK Place - Capri

Modern style is the key to the success of JK Place, one of Capri's most beautiful hotels. Both the external structure and the interiors have been completely revolutionized in order to respect the desires and demands of a modern audience. 

The view of the island of Capri completes the picture, turning JK Place into the perfect location for glamorous weddings.  

JK Place-wedding venue Capri

Copyright: JK Place


5) Villa Cimbrone - Ravello

The Vuilleumier family preserves the beauty of Villa Cimbrone, which dates back to the XII century. The structure is almost reminiscent of a castle, with a high turret from which you can admire the Mediterranean Sea. 

When you get inside, you have the impression of living a fairy tale, in a suggestive landscape that recalls past stories. This location is perfect for those who want a romantic wedding, where all details are taken care of.

Villa Cimbrone-wedding venue Ravello-Amalfi Coast

Copyright: Villa Cimbrone


6) Villa La Rondinaia - Ravello

Also in Ravello, immersed in the suggestive territory of the Amalfi Coast, is Villa La Rondinaia. The position is one of its main strengths, what usually convinces the couples. 

In fact, the Villa is almost "suspended" on the rock, completely overlooking the sea. The view from the main terrace is impressive, as is the brightness of the structure. Light enters from every corner and every window, making the ambience magical. 

Villa la Rondinaia-wedding venue Ravello-Amalfi Coast

Copyright: Villa La Rondinaia


7) Villa Treville - Positano

Let's move on to Positano, describing the charming Villa Treville. Like the previous Villa La Rondinaia, it too is set among the rocks, with a private path leading directly down to the sea. 

A mix of white, blue and yellow characterises the rooms and furnishings of the structure, which respects a modern and sophisticated style.

Villa Treville-wedding venue Positano-Amalfi Coast

Copyright: Villa Treville


8) Villa San Giacomo - Positano

Villa San Giacomo is one of the most popular wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast. The panorama, with views across the Mediterranean Sea, attracts guests from all over the world, ready to observe the beauty of our sea. 

The Villa has entire areas completely dedicated to weddings, set up to pay homage to the most beautiful day of your life. 

Villa San Giacomo-wedding venue Positano-Amalfi Coast

Copyright: Villa San Giacomo


As mentioned above, this is a list of locations that represents only a small part of the beauty of this destination, which offers a multitude of venues among which it is difficult to choose and find the one that best suits your desires. With our services we will make sure that you can live your dream without stress and worries and enjoy your "Big Day".

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