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7 Wedding Venues on Lake Como

The brilliant blue of Lake Como has been the backdrop for many weddings, accompanying brides and grooms step by step.

Along the coast, different locations compete for the "best" spot, trying to attract the attention of the bride and groom-to-be.

If you are attracted to the lake and have decided to get married and have your wedding near it, there are plenty of possible locations.

We will discover together the seven most interesting ones, although the area is really rich in proposals. If you take a look at the website and ask for information via the contact form, you may find other interesting possibilities that will meet your desires.


1) Villa Balbiano

Villa Balbiano is a beautiful historic building dating back to the 16th century, situated on the western shore of Lake Como.

It covers almost two hectares of land, with a sumptuous garden from which you can access the private pier and boathouse.

The interior is decorated with frescoesand works of art from all over the world, chosen to take guests on a journey of luxury and elegance.

Villa Balbiano-wedding venue lake Como

 Copyright: Villa Balbiano


2) Villa Pizzo

The view is the distinctive element of the elegantVilla Pizzo. Positioned on the promontory of the Gulf of Cernobbio, the Villa was once a 17th century noble residence, now renovated and arranged to host exclusive ceremonies and events.

The structure is so beautiful that it becomes an integral part of the landscapeand offers incredible views. Whether by night or by day, this location is truly hard to forget.

Villa Pizzo-wedding venue lake Como

Copyright: Villa Pizzo


3) Villa del Balbianello

The Villa del Balbianello is located on top of the small peninsula of Lavedo. As with Villa Pizzo, the view of Lake Como is incredible, almost breathtaking.

For years, the Villa was frequented by writers, authors and literary figures, who used the landscape as inspiration for their works. Later, the place was transformed to accommodate more and more people, becoming an elegant location for weddings, parties and various events

Villa del Balbianello-wedding venue lake Como

 Copytight: Villa del Balbianello


4) Villa d'Este 

Villa d'Este is actually a 5-star hotel, a very elegant resort directly overlooking the waters of Lake Como.

The structure is surrounded by a garden of about 10 hectares, carefully preserved by the hotel staff. The garden is entirely walkable, and is the backdrop for romantic walks and photo shoots.

The interior leads to a series of terraces overlooking the lake, which become the venue for most ceremonies and host all event participants in a place full of magic.

Villa d'Este-wedding venue lake Como

Copyright: Villa d'Este


5) Villa Bonomi 

The fifth location is Villa Bonomi, completely surrounded by green. Climbing ivy covers most of the structure, making it evocative and fairytale-like, as if we were in a tale from another era. 

From the terrace, Lake Como is clearly visible, accompanying the bride and groom during the lunch/dinner that follows the ceremony. All around is a green garden, which can be admired through the large windows.

The light enters and illuminates every area of the Villa, making the view incredible and fascinating.

Villa Bonomi-wedding venue lake Como

Copyright: Villa Bonomi


6) Villa Sola Cabiati 

When you enter Villa Sola Cabiati you are immediately transported to a place of the past, where elegance transforms every corner.

From the shape of the villa - created during the Renaissance period - to the gardens that surround it, everything recalls an earlier period and immerses the bride and groom in a dreamlike atmosphere, almost as if they were living a fairytale.

The interiors are finely decorated, respecting the original style of the Villa. Experienced and perfectly trained staff follows every minute of the event.

Villa Sola Cabiati-wedding venue lake Como

Copyright: Villa Sola Cabiati


7) Villa Pliniana

We conclude with the last location, Villa Pliniana. This fantastic structure, born in 1573, is located in Torno, just on the right bank of Lake Como.

If you look at it from a distance, the tall villa seems to "float" on the water, completely immersed in the blue of the lake.

The intense white of the structure contrasts with the surrounding green and blue, making it even more special. The view isof coursespectacular, with the tall windows reflecting the entire surface of the lake and letting in natural sunlight.

Villa Pliniana-wedding venue lake Como

Copyright: Villa Pliniana