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 “Love your life, perfect your life and beautify all things in your life"

Indian Chief Tecumesh

My story


To choose my agency, you must first discover who I am

What could make your life more beautiful?

Time. I think time is more than a word. Time is one of the most precious things that life can offer

My desire to take up Wedding planning as a career stems from a willingness on my part to manage my time without constraints, both professionally and in my private life. It takes courage to make this change but if this is something you really want to do with your life, I realized I just must be brave and do it.

My business idea was born from a period of study and a mentoring program with one of Italy’s best Destination Wedding Planners, in fact a pioneer in the business of planning weddings.

Ten years ago, I never believed I would totally revolutionize my life, but I am sure many people should agree that nothing happens by chance: “things happen for a reason!”

My name is Anna Bernardini and this is my story.

Born in 1995 in a medieval village in Tuscany, situated between Pisa and Lucca, I grew up where medieval towers, fields of poppies and sunflowers, vineyards and olive groves were part of my surroundings. Being a volunteer of the “Civil Defense Force” I have developed a love and a respect for people, animals and nature; I’ve experienced working in a team whose aim is improving the welfare of every person and every place.

As a child I romantically dreamed of my own wedding. I tried to imagine what my wedding dress would be like, how I would feel as I pretended, I was walking down the aisle with a sheet flowing from my head like the wedding train! I watched wedding celebrations on TV, and I was always fascinated with weddings…even those of strangers. That’s how I was!

During my final year at Language High school I met the man who would become my husband six years later. Marco is my number one fan. He is the person who always believed in me and he is my rock, my righthand man for everything!

About Me

At university I studied Economics and Logistics, graduating with a degree which has been a source of great pride and satisfaction, both for me and my family and the first step towards my independence as a young adult.

Even prior to my graduation I started a training period in the integrated logistics department of an Italian Motorcycle manufacturing plant. Here I worked for two and a half years, dealing with suppliers, shipping components to Asia and, more recently, managing both suppliers and customers daily.

Since Marco and I started our relationship, we have travelled to many destinations, both in Italy and abroad. Visiting new parts of our country and of the world, opens our minds and gives us amazing sensations. Sharing the opportunity of travelling with your beloved makes it even more special. Time gives us that opportunity.

About Me