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Full wedding planning & design


I will help you create the vision of your imagination, transforming your ideas into reality: from planning to design. 

Every bride has a vision of her wedding day in mind but sometimes it’s hard to transfer that vision to paper and ultimately to a final creation with everything that you imagined realized to perfection.

With Ginkgo service, our design team wants to go beyond the aesthetics, creating not only a visual impression but also a sensory experience to the touch, the taste, the scent, the panorama, and the atmosphere. All my creative energy will be channeled into formulating for you an unforgettable wedding day.

Nothing is left to imagination because thanks to the software technology I use, our design team will show you all the details in advance, beginning with the ceremony, the flower arrangements, the reception, the table layout, the lighting, the menus, the drinks menu and the entertainment.

You will get the best advice and our full support in scouting the venue, selecting suppliers and guaranteeing you that every last detail will be covered according to your budget. I will ensure you get the best value according to your requirements.

On your wedding day, I will be at hand to make absolutely certain that every moment of your day will roll perfectly into the next moment and you and your guests can relax, have fun and enjoy your BIG day. I will ensure that every aspect will be taken care of so you can celebrate in style!

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