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Full Wedding Planning, from start to finish


Planning your wedding in a different country can be pretty daunting and overwhelming.

So the Ginko Wedding Planning is perfect for couples who value the professional guidance and support of my team based here in Italy, to provide you the top service from the very beginning of your wedding experience.

The Ginko Wedding Planning includes our recommendations of a wonderful selection of venues, the best suppliers of all your requirements and the most stylish ideas thanks to constant updates by our team. In this way, I can assure you a wedding that will create the ambience and the mood that you desire, while also paying attention to your budget thereby guaranteeing you the very best value for money.

On the wedding Day itself, I will be onsite ensuring that every light, every installation, every flower is in the right place as projected in your plans. Every moment of your wedding day will flow in perfect sync. Staying in the background, I will be there to guarantee that everything falls into place on the day!

On your wedding day I will co-ordinate all logistics on your behalf and should you need us for anything at all I will be there at your beck and call!