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Wedding day co-ordination


Geometric is perfect for those couples who have already planned their wedding and booked everything but having their Big Day in another country they want to feel at ease and just enjoy their day by hiring a local support.

You are the main protagonists on that big day, aren’t you?

So, I will take all the pressure off you two and let you celebrate in Italy!

A few weeks before your wedding, I will take care of all the logistic aspects, I will confirm all the details, I will contact all the suppliers and I will check that everything is on track for your Big Day.

On your actual wedding day, I will be there at your beck and I will oversee everything that you have spent months planning will run as smoothly as scheduled. Any last-minute hitch that could suddenly occur will be solved by me on your behalf, because I am there to ensure you have a stress-free day and enjoy every moment of it from start to finish.