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A perfectly intimate celebration: 6 small wedding ideas

Generally the thought process about your wedding day is: bigger is better. It can be fun to invite every single person you know but there is something to be said for hosting an intimate wedding affair.

Eloping may have crossed your mind, but that’s not the only way to avoid the crowd. You can choose to have all the services of a wedding, but on a much smaller scale (10 – 20 guests).

Below you can find 6 best ideas to arrange a small, cozy wedding:


1. Small weddings are the perfect opportunity to make your guests feel extra special: for example, drop off brunch boxes in th

eir rooms the night of the wedding for the next morning. Another idea could be incorporating items that you and your partner love: it is such a personalized touch to put together for your small guest list.


2. Hosting a boutique wedding: couples have more agility to go somewhere exciting to make memories, be it the Tuscan countryside or somewhere at the beach, for example in front of the crystalline water of Sardinia or at the foot of the Dolomites;


3. With small guests, the couple can throw out traditional ceremony. The trend for smaller weddings is to create an intimate ceremony in the round so everyone can get a bird’s-eye view;


4. Host an after party at your favorite restaurant or rent a villa with a private chef where plan wine and typical Italian dishes tastings to experience the culture (enjoying pizza, caprese with bufala mozzarella and tomatoes or carbonara pasta!);


5. Place cards offer so much opportunity for customization: opt for a personalized touch with hand-calligraphed napkins for each guest.


6. A long reception table can be a way to make everyone feel included. If you have a smaller group, it's easier to say goodbye to traditional round tables spread throughout the dining area.