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6 Unmissable wedding locations in Apulia

Some unmissable wedding venues in Apulia 

There are so many destinations in Italy that lend themselves to organizing a unique and original wedding, that will surprise both you and your wedding guests.

Apulia is a perfect region for a lavish and cheerful wedding that perfectly expresses the feeling of love that binds the couple together. 

Today we are going to discover six of the most beautiful and characteristic locations in Apulia, although there are many other venues that deserve to be considered. 

Young couples looking for the perfect location for their “Big Day” may find this simple list very useful and interesting. 

If you cannot identify the perfect location right away, you can contact us quickly using the contact form, so that we can find the offer that best suits your needs. 


1) Castello Monaci  

The first location is Castello Monaci, an impressive structure located in the province of Lecce. The structure has maintained all the elegance of the past, so that the bride and groom and their guests feel immediately immersed in a fairy tale. 

The magic and romanticism of the castle is combined with the modern and simple style of the furniture, which will make your wedding even more special. 

Castello Monaci wedding venue Apulia

Copyright: Castello Monaci 


2) Borgo Egnazia

Let's continue with Borgo Egnazia, an incredible hotel that in 2016 received the award of "Best Hotel of the Year". 

Completely immersed in the nature of Puglia, lost in the vegetation of Fasano, the Hotel has become famous for the union between past and present. 

The culinary traditions of Puglia's past combine with the new and unprecedented flavours of modern cuisine, creating special mixes that will leave your guests speechless. 

 Borgo Egnazia wedding venue Apulia

Copyright: Borgo Egnazia


3) Masseria Grieco 

The Masseria Grieco country resort has been the backdrop for many weddings, bringing elegance to the entire ceremony. 

The evocative beauty of the Itria Valley is exalted by the simplicity of the structure, which uses natural materials and natural colours. 

The intention is to leave the view of the landscape free, without excessive distractions. Masseria Grieco is a relaxing place, perfect for those looking for a romantic and simple location, where they can celebrate their wedding in complete serenity and tranquillity. 

 Masseria Grieco wedding venue Apulia

Copyright: Masseria Grieco


4) Chiostro dei Domenicani

Chiostro dei Domenicani is defined by its owners as a "sacred dwelling", a magical place in which to celebrate mutual love. 

The structure dates back to 1400, when it was built at the request of Pope Eugene IV. Restoration work has tried to keep it as close as possible to the original, so that it reflects the elegance and simplicity of the time. 

Today, the Chiostro dei Domenicani is the perfect venue for a romantic and elegant wedding, dedicated entirely to the bride and groom. 

The row of columns that completes the central cloister completely transforms the setting, making it suitable for both civil ceremonies and receptions. 

The back garden is another plus point for the cloister, making it even more special. 


5) Masseria Salamina

 The penultimate location for your wedding in Apulia is the beautiful Masseria Salamina, located in the province of Brindisi. 

The love for the land shines through every corner of the Masseria, which is surrounded by green olive groves.

Weddings, especially in summer, can be celebrated both inside and outside the structure, with the backdrop of nature. 

Relaxation and tranquillity are the two main interests of the owners, who want to guarantee a unique and unforgettable experience for all their guests. 

Again, the materials and colours chosen for the construction of the Masseria are simple and natural, so that the real protagonist remains the landscape. 

 Masseria Salamina wedding venue Apulia

Copyright: Masseria Salamina


6) Masseria Almadava 

We conclude the list of Apulian locations with Masseria Almadava, a unique structure near Polignano a Mare. 

The Masseria is immersed in the green Apulian countryside; it stands white and unchanging, halfway between the hills and the sea, with a spectacular view over the surrounding area. 

The regal shape of the masseria, almost reminiscent of a castle, lends it elegance and refinement. The weddings celebrated here reflect this same elegance, together with care and attention to detail. 

The beautiful outdoor swimming pool, bordered by very particular arches, has often been used as a backdrop for weddings and ceremonies. 

If you are looking for a special place, which can give the right importance to tradition and innovation, Masseria Almadava is the perfect place for you.  

 Masseria Almadava wedding venue Apulia

Copyright: Masseria Almadava