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Décor inspiration: GEODE

Whether you are fan of Geology, be connected with the Earth or you simply like sparkly things, incorporating geodes or gemstones into your event décor is worth considering!

Derives from the Greek word “γεώδης” and means “earthlike”: geode is the small cavity found in rocks that are lined with crystals or other mineral matter. 

The way the crystals form and the number of crystals that form are different for every geode. Sometimes the crystals are smooth and may fill the center space completely. Other times the crystals are jagged and rough and only a portion of the center space will have crystals formed. For this reason it is believed that certain types of crystals emit different types of energies, which can be used to enhance the quality of life in various ways. For example, Amethyst is used to be considered as the “Stone of Mind”, having the power to ease your emotions as well as calm your mind.

We have seen beautiful calligraphy written on a smooth type of microcrystalline mineral: these beautiful pieces can be used as table numbers, escort or name cards, and as decorative guest favors

Placecard, Geode

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A fabulous trend is having cakes in which geodes are placed into them or sugar crystals that create the look of a geode! You can also have cupcakes and cookies decorated with large pieces of sugar to resemble Geodes.

My suggestion is explain the symbolism of the stones to your guests because they are likely to participate if you express the meaning. Once the wedding day is over, guests can put the crystals into their home and place their well-wishes onto the stone.

Incorporating crystals into your event décor is definitely a unique way to enhance both the aesthetic and energy of your big day.