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Getting married on the Italian Riviera: the destination of "Luca", the new Disney Pixar movie

The Italian Riviera is known for its incredible natural beauty, characterised by the blue Ligurian Sea and gentle coastline.

Have you ever heard of it?

If so, you'll be pleased to know that, from this summer onwards, it will become an even more popular destination. That's because a new Disney Pixar movie, set on the Ligurian Riviera, is about to be released.

The film, called "Luca" (Watch here the official trailer of "Luca"), takes place in a colorful fishing village perched on rocks and surrounded by lush olive groves and terraced vineyards. The name of the village is Portorosso, a fictional animated village, created using the best features of each of the five real towns in Cinque Terre

Differences Luca Cinque Terre, Vespa Piaggio

Copyright: The Walt Disney Company 


The cartoon is full of elements that recall the Italian territory: first of all, the unmistakable landscape, characterised by tiny harbours full of small coloured boats; the typical small squares facing the sea and surrounded by restaurants where you can taste typical Ligurian products such as pesto or testaroli; the scooter used by the protagonists that recalls another Italian symbol, the typical Vespa and the Ape, two vehicles belonging to the Piaggio family that have accompanied generations and generations of young people.

This film also contains a part of my life, and maybe that's why I feel so attached to it. There's the Ligurian Riviera, where I live, and then there's the Piaggio's Vespa, where I worked before starting my career as a wedding planner.

Watching "Luca" it's easy to be inspired and choose the destination in which to get married: glamorous like Portofino, romantic like Portovenere or intimate like Riomaggiore. Any place that allows you to feel "at home", in total peace and quiet.

 Riomaggiore, Portofino, Portovenere

The Italian Riviera is known for its absolute elegance. Thanks to the warm climate, which lasts from May to October, many wedding venues offer outdoor spaces where you can exchange promises and celebrate your wedding in beautiful, enchanting gardens with dreamy sea views.

There are so many destinations to choose from, all equally valid and interesting. Also, there are many different ways to personalise a venue. Our services are designed specifically for this, to make you the absolute protagonist of your most beautiful day.

It is also important to know how to choose the right period to get married.

 Wedding Venue, La Cervara, Portofino

Copyright: La Cervara


In fact, the Italian Riviera, being a popular destination, is rather crowded with tourists during the summer period. Therefore, it is better to choose a professional wedding planner who will be able to give you the best advice and indicate the best period and destination.

Moreover, given its geological conformation, it may be difficult to reach the places of greatest interest. A good idea is to check the roads and the most used means of transportation in advance. Consider that Ligurians prefer the scooter before everything else, can you imagine? 

The help of an experienced wedding planner can be the right way to organise your wedding in the best way possible. She will take care of your movements during your stay on the Riviera, thanks to the concierge service. She will be the one to take care of the details, the guests, the little worries that crowd the heads of all future brides and grooms.

Having someone at your side who knows this world, who can listen to you and understand what you need, can really make a difference. You will live the experience with greater peace of mind, enjoying every moment of the organisation and the event itself.

You can choose where to hold your wedding, letting yourself be inspired by our destinations section, where we have collected some of the most fascinating locations throughout Italy.

From the Italian Riviera to the most inland and romantic areas; any place can be perfect if it has a meaning for you, if it gives you the right feeling. 

That's why I recommend getting to know each other, turning the wedding into an intimate moment, in which you will understand something more about yourself and your partner.

The help of a wedding planner will complete the picture of the perfect wedding, organised with confidence and precision. 

Nothing will be left to chance, so that you can find the right serenity and relax.