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How to create the best possible experience for wedding guests

Planning a wedding means paying attention to even the smallest details.
The purpose is to make the experience as positive as possible and to ensure that guests leave the party fully satisfied.
An experienced wedding planner knows the little tips we are about to offer you, and how best to make them work for you before and during the most important day of your life.
We are talking about simple ideas and tricks that really make a difference, allowing all the guests to enjoy an excellent welcome.
For convenience, we will divide the organization into three parts, which coincide with the three main moments of the wedding: before the wedding, the weekend before the wedding and the wedding day.
Before the wedding
What can you do for your guests before the wedding even starts?
Surprisingly, you have several options to choose from.
Lately, it is not unusual to decide to create a real private website dedicated entirely to the wedding.
This includes all the information and details that guests might need before they arrive:
  • where to find the best flights;
  • details of possible accommodation, ideally provide a range of Hotel options to suit the style and budget of your guests, from three to five stars;
  • indications regarding the address of the location and the time of the wedding;
  • RSVPs (invitations).
The creation of a private wedding website is one of the services offered by our agency, a way to better manage the event and keep guests updated with a single tool.
A few days before the wedding
If the wedding is planned early in the week, it is not unusual for guests to arrive a weekend early.
In these cases, it would be better to welcome them in the right way, trying to make them feel "comfortable" from the beginning.
Here are some examples/tips you could follow to make the experience optimal:
To welcome them, you could organize an aperitif in a charming place, perhaps a trendy place or a rooftop not too far away from the wedding venue.
Otherwise, you could organize a real party, using a good catering service to satisfy everyone's hunger.
As an alternative to a party, you can organize an elegant wine or olive oil tasting accompanied by local food, especially if you choose the characteristic destinations of the Amalfi Coast, Apulia or Tuscany.
SPA, wine tasting, destination tour 
Guided Tour
The days before the wedding, you can organize a guided tour of the town near the wedding venue, showing the area to the guests.
Cooking course
A special and little-used idea is to organize a cooking course, perhaps dedicated to pasta or the preparation of desserts or pizza.
A perfect gift for the guests or witnesses is to organize a day dedicated entirely to relaxation, taking them to a nearby spa.
The wedding day
Here we are finally at the wedding day, the actual event.
To make your guests' experience as positive and satisfying as possible, you need to provide them with comfort and entertainment and keep their attention.
Below is a list of suggestions that you might find useful and interesting for your wedding:
Help for women
Provide heel protectors so women are able to walk on the grass without ruining their stiletto and nice slippers for the dance floor, which ladies can wear to get rid of annoying heels.
At the start of the reception, a great idea is to serve guests personalized cocktails that they can choose themselves.
 wedding speech, food tasting, personalized cocktails
Short speeches
Reduce the amount of time spent on speeches to around 2/3 minutes per person. This way your guests won't get bored and can enjoy the evening.
It is important that there is always something to eat until late into the night. You can use snacks, hot dogs, sandwiches and snacks of all kinds.
Personalized favors
Choose original wedding favors, perhaps using local products made around the location you have chosen. Apulian “taralli”, for example, are always very popular.
Farewell brunch
To say goodbye to your guests after the party, before they leave, you can offer them a small brunch to round off the experience in the best possible way.