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6 Wedding entertainment ideas

Wedding entertainment is often associated with the wrong idea. A lot of brides and grooms think it's tacky, but that's probably because they've never experienced successful, personality-driven wedding entertainment.
Although it is quite underrated, entertainment is essential. Guests need to be distracted, focusing their attention on something else.
Time will pass more quickly and everyone will be entertained, impressed by the uniqueness of the show.
If chosen in the right way, perhaps with the help of an experienced wedding planner, entertainment can be a great asset; a unique element that your guests will remember for a long time to come.
We will explore six wedding entertainment ideas together, selecting elegant and simple options that create the right mix of fun and sophistication.
1) Live painting
A very interesting idea, which has only been around for a few years, is to have a painter at the wedding, a live art expert who can produce artwork in a short space of time.
Usually, the artist prepares a work of art to be dedicated to the bride and groom at the end of the evening, so that they can have a lasting memory of their wedding day.
The artist can also capture iconic moments of the ceremony and entertain guests by doing what loves to do, which is paint.
There are so many different styles to choose from, based on your personal taste and the style of the wedding, making sure that everything fits in with the basic idea.
2) Mime
The figure of the mime as wedding entertainment is not unusual. On the contrary, the mime is often encountered in his dark clothes, which help him blend into the crowd.
In the French tradition, mime is incredibly important and the performances are considered to be among the most elegant ever.
Mime could become your winning weapon to turn your wedding into a unique and very special event.
3) Contemporary Circus
Contemporary circus figures, especially acrobats and aerialists, often accompany the bride and groom. Their shows attract the attention of all the guests, making them distracted and focusing only on the performance.
The idea when choosing this type of entertainment is to find a suitable location, large enough to accommodate the show and allow the performers to move around in complete freedom.
It is therefore essential to check availability beforehand, perhaps doing a few rehearsals before the wedding day.
 wedding water exhibition, mime, painting, aerial
4) Dance 
The dance shows that can be used as wedding entertainment vary according to your tastes and desires.
Ballet, burlesque, Russian folk, or even Bollywood dance in the case of an Indian wedding. You can choose anything, matching the dance to your traditions, local traditions, the venue and the decorations you have already decided on.
Again, it is always better to rehearse beforehand. When the wedding is organized with the help of a wedding planner, these kinds of problems do not arise.
She will take care of the details, leaving you time to relax and enjoy the moment.
5) Illusionist
Let's continue with another very special figure, the illusionist.
If you're trying to organize a fun, playful and youthful wedding, this type of entertainment is ideal.
Not only does it satisfy both adults and children, but it also gives you access to the "surprise"; the feeling of wonder that will accompany you throughout the show and make you relax and enjoy yourself for the rest of the evening.
6) Water show
Finally, the last wedding entertainment we are talking about is the so-called "water show".
Usually, performances of this type take place at venues with swimming pools, where the artists can perform synchronized swimming or waterball shows.
In the latter case, we are referring to the transparent spheres that host athletes and dancers, who move lightly on the water to entertain the guests and the bride and groom themselves.
wedding ballet, music, magic
Through these simple ideas we were able to demonstrate the importance of wedding day entertainment. We have also shown how elegant and delicate it can be, suitable for all types of receptions and all tastes. 
By allowing you to experiment with it together with the guests, you will have fun and, by choosing the right service, you will organize a wedding that will be very difficult to forget.