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6 wedding dress brands selected by AnnaB

6 wedding dress brands selected by AnnaB

Choosing your wedding dress is never easy. You have to be able to find the right ally, the ideal dress who will follow you during the most important day of your life. 

There are many brands of wedding dresses, which every year strive to offer brides new ideas, new shapes, new styles for their wedding. Each one is important, and each one has its own story to tell. 

Today we are going to take a look at 6 wedding dress brands, recommended by Wedding Planner Anna Bernardini, who has a sincere and professional opinion on their reliability. 

In this way, we hope to help you identify the perfect dress, choosing based on your instinct feelings. 

If you want an advice we will always be available and you just need to contact us through the form in the section INQUIRE.

But let's start right away with my first selection..


1) Monique Lhuillier Bride

The dresses designed by Monique Lhuiller represent the perfect union between luxury and femininity. With her bold shapes and careful choice of details, the designer manages to create a powerful image of women. No longer delicate, but strong and capable of maximising her femininity and essence. 

The brand allows you to choose not only clothes, but also all the accessories needed to complete the look. From shoes to clasps, each element is treated with care and attention, in order to reach the best  possible result. 

 Wedding dresses Monique Lhullier

Copyright: Monique Lhullier


2) Pronovias

The Spanish brand Pronovias encapsulates the essence of the "romantic" style in its dresses. Fabrics are carefully chosen so that the dress looks elegant and well-made. 

Pronovias offers dresses for all types of brides, from the most bold to those who love a "classic" style. Great importance is given to the comfort of the dress and its wearability. It becomes almost like a second skin, a glove to be worn with confidence and trust, which will accompany you throughout the ceremony. 

 Wedding Dresses Pronovias

Copyright: Pronovias


3) Berta Bridal

The brand's only designer is Berta Baliti, who founded "Berta Bridal" in 2004. Her style is modern and bold, with a mix of vintage influences found in her use of unusual materials. 

Her aim is to go further and further, overcoming the limits imposed by the normal bridal companies and proposing models that are more in touch with the modern style. 

Berta's purpose is to help brides feel themselves, confident and ready to overcome any obstacle. 

Wedding Dresses Berta Bridal
Copyright: Berta Bridal


4) Zuhair Murad

The Zuhair Murad brand was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Over the years it has managed to expand its range of action, arriving also in Italy. 

The collections proposed combine past elements, coming directly from tradition, with modern and innovative additions. 

The brand's designers have fun playing with shapes and materials, always evaluating new options and possibilities. Considering the vast availability of dresses, it is very likely that you will find a model that will satisfy your desires and your initial idea.  

Wedding Dresses Zuhair Murad 

Copyright: Zuhair Murad


5) Milla Nova

Let's proceed with the penultimate brand, namely Milla Nova. In this case, the models of dresses proposed are all linked to a strong sense of femininity. 

Glamorous, elegant and hard to forget; these are the distinctive features of Milla Nova dresses and of the collections made so far. 

The brand's stores can be found throughout Italy, located in the main cities of our peninsula. 

For brides who want to surprise, dare and find a really "explosive" dress, this is probably the most suitable choice. 

 Wedding Dresses Milla Nova

Copyright: Milla Nova


6) Passaro Sposa

We conclude with one of the brands with the most interesting history. 

"Passaro Sposa" We are talking about a brand that is extremely tied to tradition, which took its first steps in the fabric industry back in the mid-19th century. 

The stylist Pinella Passaro, who still designs the individual models, is an example of the importance of Made in Italy. The dresses made are all tailored, with delicate details that recall the passion and commitment of the people who make them. 

Passaro Sposa dresses are not just fabric, they are years of history and tradition that are transformed into care and attention to the desires of future brides. 

Wedding Dresses Passaro Sposa

Copyright: Passaro Sposa