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6 Wedding Venues in Tuscany

Some of the most beautiful locations for a Tuscany wedding 

Choosing the perfect location for your wedding is not always easy. Sometimes, it takes a long time to identify the perfect destination. 

Brides and grooms always look for something new, something that can catch their eye. Italy offers so many possible destinations, all of them valid and characterised by the beauty of our incredible peninsula. 

Once you have found the perfect place, you can organise an elegant and romantic wedding that will leave its mark on the minds of your guests. 

Today we will discover together six of the most beautiful locations in Tuscany, which guarantee maximum comfort and an exceptional service. 

If none of the proposals seem suitable for your wedding, you can always contact us using the contact form and ask about other possible alternatives. 

In previous articles we have already looked at some of the most beautiful venues on the Amalfi Coast and Lake Como. A look at all the proposals will allow you to discover what best suits your tastes and needs. 


1) Villa Medicea, Lilliano

The Villa Medicea di Lilliano , the first Tuscan location included in the list, is the perfect place for those who want to organise an elegant wedding. 

The Villa is completely surrounded by trees, and offers the incredible possibility of celebrating directly outside, surrounded by flowers and the scents of nature. 

A place especially suitable for summer weddings, for young couples who want to give an extra touch of originality to their "big day".

 Villa Medicea di Lilliano, wedding venue tuscany

Copyright: Villa Medicea di Lilliano


2) Borgo Stomennano

The second location that we present to you is also immersed in the green of Tuscan countryside, with the backdrop of vineyards and olive groves. 

The small medieval village of Borgo Stomennano, located in the province of Siena, has an ancient history. It was born thanks to the reconstruction of ancient Etruscan and Roman ruins, which led to the formation of villas, cottages and two beautiful gardens. 

Here, lost in the landscape and historical atmosphere, you can celebrate your wedding in peace and tranquillity. 


3) Borgo Santo Pietro

Next up is Borgo Santo Pietro, a luxury 5-star resort located in the heart of Tuscany. Both the interior and exterior of the property are meticulously designed to accommodate the bride and groom in the best possible way. 

The mix of luxury elements and the classic style of the resort make it even more special, perfect for those looking for an elegant and romantic location. 

All the services offered by Borgo Santo Pietro can be used to enhance the quality of the event and organise an absolutely unforgettable wedding. 

Borgo Santo Pietro, wedding venue tuscany

Copyright: Borgo Santo Pietro


4) Castello di Cafaggio

The Castello di Cafaggio is located just 12 km from Florence, surrounded by the Tuscan hills and its beautiful olive groves. 

The castle's structure has been beautifully restored, in order to keep the original appearance with the addition of modern elements. The charm of the past is combined with the furniture and comfort of the modern style, creating a unique mix. 

The outdoor swimming pool allows you to celebrate your wedding outside the castle, in close contact with the garden and the green countryside.

Castello di Cafaggio, wedding venue tuscany 

Copyright: Castello di Cafaggio


5) Four Seasons Hotel

It is impossible not to mention the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel in Florence, known for the beauty of its interiors and the adjoining garden. 

A historic hotel, characterised by the original frescoes that decorate each of the rooms inside. 

Celebrating your wedding at the Four Seasons allows you to immerse in a completely different atmosphere, immediately feeling like the protagonist of a fantastic story. 

It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a special day that you will never forget. 

The hotel's Michelin-starred restaurant completes the picture of comfort and elegance. 

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, wedding venue tuscany

Copyright: Hotel Four Seasons Firenze


6) Villa Cetinale

We conclude with Villa Cetinale, a historic building in the province of Siena built around the 17th century by the architect Carlo Fontana. 

The facade of the villa is full of decorative elements, in perfect Romanesque-Baroque style. The addition of each one conveys royalty and elegance to the whole structure. 

The Villa's gardens are known to be among the most beautiful in Italy, and have been masterfully preserved by the owners and current managers. 

The green of the hedges and the intense white of the building create a unique contrast that will make the wedding even more original.

 Villa Cetinale, wedding venue tuscany

Copyright: Villa Cetinale

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