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10 Ideas for the perfect wedding welcome bag

When planning a wedding, the welcome is one of the key details to consider.
The way in which guests are escorted through the ceremony allows you to give them the right feeling, making them feel appreciated and led.
Trusting the advice of an expert wedding planner, you can prepare the perfect welcome bag, capable of surprising guests and fulfilling their wishes.
Let's take a detailed look at 10 ideas and tips from which to complete the bag and add your personal touch.
1) Use traditional and natural material
The welcome bag must not only be practical, but also recognizable. Your guests should be able to see immediately what it is, without any kind of doubt.
The advice is to choose simple and pure materials,typical of tradition. For example, the ideal could be a comfortable bag made of straw or raffia, which are widely used in most Italian weddings.
Summer weddings, in particular, lend themselves well to this type of material.
2) Program of the event and information
As mentioned above, it is important that the bride and groom recognize themselves in all aspects of the wedding. Even the welcome bag should reflect the tastes and habits of the couple, adding personal details that make all the difference.
A good idea would be to include a complete program of the event, adding alluseful information about it.
Complete the picture with a delicate hand-drawn map of the wedding spots and the main local attractions, an undisputed symbol of romance and attention to detail.
3) Offer typical local products
If you choose a characteristic location with an incredible landscape, it is a good idea to include some typical products in the welcome bag.
You can give your guests local delicacies and snacks that reflect you and the tradition.
In Tuscany, for example, you can give them wineand olive oil, on the Amalfi Coastlimoncello”, and in Apulia the delicious local “taralli”.
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4) Distinctive Perfumes
Just like typical products, personalized perfumescan be a reminder of the place chosen for the wedding and leave your guests with a lasting impression.
Weddings celebrated on Capri are often accompanied by the sublime Carthusia perfumes, typical of the island.
5) Wedding by the sea
If you have chosen to celebrate your wedding in the summer, especially if you are very close to the sea, a clever idea is to give your guests sun cream and after-sun lotion.
This will encourage them to enjoy the day, taking advantage of the good weather.
6) Beach wedding
A beach wedding is always characteristic, romantic and fun.
If you see yourself in this type of event and want to prepare a welcome bag that reflects your personality, you can put a nice straw hat inside.
To make it even more personal, you can choose to buy it at a local market.
7) Respecting the rules
In such a complex period, it is essential to offer all guests maximum security.
A sanitizer kit with all the necessary amenities to keep your guests safe is a must in your welcome bag.
8) Offer refreshments
Drinks are always welcome, especially as weddings tend to take longer and the waiting time can be long and tiring.
If you're in Italy, it's best to offer Italian drinks, such as San Pellegrino sparkling water or Prosecco, which is typical of northern Italy.
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9) Notebook
Another special and interesting idea is to place a small notebook inside the bag.
The guests can use it to write down any kind of notes (such as the name of the location or the places visited), or to leave you a message at the end of the journey.
10) Add a personal touch
Finally, the last tip is to include a personalized welcome card in each bag, perhaps adding some colorful fresh flowers.
Try to keep in mind that all guests are important! Even the children themselves deserve their own personalized welcome bag.
There are plenty of items you can select for the little ones: books and crayons for coloring in, or even candies and lollipops to eat during the party.
By giving everyone the right attention, you will organize a perfect wedding with satisfied and fulfilled guests.
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